Bridging the IT gap for Nonprofits

Bridging The Gap For Nonprofits
Integrate technological advancement into your current practice to address the barriers and improve the quality and quantity of services delivery to your clients
Information Technology For Social Good
Use technology for sustainable solutions for nonprofit organizations. Create pathways for technology careers and build the workforce of the future.
Supporting Your Digital Transformation
Bringing the power of digital technology to nonprofits to accelerate their social impact.

About Us


Charity13 is a social enterprise founded by Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre, which is serving the community of Ottawa East since 1974. It is born out of the mandate of the Gifts-in-Kind program: to help increase the service delivery capacity of NFP organizations in Ottawa. It aims to help NFPs with limited resources to close the digital gap and also provide opportunities for individuals who want to start a career or build and improve their IT skills.

Our Team Members

Our Team Members

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